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Importing from Hungary: traditional bows and archery equipment of Turkey, Mongolia, the Magyar people, and other horse archers of the steppes.

Bowyer - Kassai Lajos, Hungary
North American Distributor - Edwin Gilbert, USA

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PonyThe Pony
Intended as a children's bow this flat bow draws nicely all the way to 28 inches. It is built as one solid piece of fiberglass from tip to tip. This is a different and less costly construction method than the horsebows with their syhas and complex curves. The belly of the Pony is wrapped in leather, giving it a very nice look. The handle is also leather and built up to an arrow rest. The Pony comes in three weights:

  • Green 23# at 26 inches / 25# at 28 inches
  • Red 30# at 26 inches / 35# at 28 inches
  • Black 38# at 26 inches / 45# at 28 inches

  • When strung it is 53 inches long, unstrung 56 inches. $135 USD

    KestrelThe Kestrel
    Is a horsebow made with the same cost saving process as the Pony. No syhas or complex curves. It does have a 6 inch d-flex : when unstrung the ends of the limbs sit 6 inches ahead of the handle. The Kestrel delivers a goodly portion of the unique performance of the more complex horsebows. The Kestrel comes in three weights:

  • Green 25# at 28 inches/ 30# at 30 inches
  • Red 35# at 28 inches/ 40# at 30 inches
  • Black 45# at 28 inches/ 50# at 30 inches

  • Leather wrapped belly and handle. Strung 54 inches, unstrung 57 inches. Brace height is 7 inches. $240 USD

    ColtThe Colt
    This is a first rate children's bow. It draws nicely up to 24 inches, over that it is not very efficient. This bow has no syhas so it is a simple recurve. With its high quality re-creation of ancient beauty and unusual sturdiness it is popular with adults that play a "paint ball" like game with specialized arrows. It weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. and it is 48 inches tall strung and 50 inches unstrung. It is rugged enough to be over drawn to 28 inches but does not perform well over 24 inches. Available from 15# to 36# (measured at 20 inches). $180 USD

    PantherMongol-C The Panther and the Mongol - C
    These are the bows that come closest to the performance of the ancient horsebows. Kassai has been trying for years to design a bow of modern materials with this much d-flex. Once strung these bows are under more tension than most bows. Example: A Mongol-C that measures 46# at 30 inches measures 32# at 20 inches and 42# at 28 inches, and 49# at 32 inches. The extra tension through the power stroke delivers more velocity to your arrows. One of my dealers had not shot a bow for a decade as his damaged wrist would not allow him to draw more than 35# . He is shooting again as the Panther delivers the arrow speed he could not get from any other bow. Their disadvantage is they are a challenge to string . The Panther weighs 2 lbs., uses a 55.125 inch string and is 57 inches strung, 48 inches unstrung. The belly is 1.75 inches wide,.The Mongol-C weights 2lbs 3oz., and uses a 56 inch string, When strung it is 58 inches long, unstrung 49 inches, and the belly is 2.25 inches wide . Both are made in draw weights of 25# to 60# at 30 inches. $560 USD

    Lynx II The Lynx II
    Is the lowest price bow with the design and performance of  a static recurve bow, It has solid wood syhas and a good curve in the belly. Kassai decided that there were a number of people who wanted a horsebow but were not able to justify the price. So he designed the Lynx using some labor saving "short cuts" to reduce the retail price. The finish is leather spiraling the length of the belly. The syhas are  finished with simple linseed oil. The belly is a bit thinner, hence it can only be made with a draw of under 50#. It is just as rugged and will perform almost as well as the Hunter which is the same overall dimensions. This is a good bow, rugged in construction, almost the same smooth draw and almost as quiet and smooth  release. Unstrung length  53.5 inches. Strung length 51.5 inches. Bow string  48 inches  including the symmetrical loops of 5 inches. Manufactured strength: 25-50# Price $290 USD

    Tartar Short Bow The Tartar Short Bow
    A bow that delivers superior performance to the archer with a draw of 26 inches or less! It is a very good bow up to a 28 inch draw. It's made for the archer who has use for a short, high quality bow. This bow is by Grozer, a Hungarian bowyer who followed Kassai into manufacturing "horsebows". This is a solid adult bow, not a juvenile bow. One of my dealers special ordered it at 100# . He was so pleased, he ordered one at 80# for a friend. Weighing 1 lb. 6 oz. it is 45 inches strung and unstrung, with a 45 inch string! Available from 30# to 110# $480 USD

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