About Me

Maybe I should brag a bit here, to give you a notion of who I am.

The US Army had me in Hungary 20 years ago. I stumbled onto one of Kassai's bows. Bought it brought it back to USA, were several friends found they wanted one. That one is still being used.

I wrote to Kassai in Hungary asking after his US distributer. The reply was "this is the price. How many do you want?" Thus I had an import business "Horsebows" and lots of problems to solve. That was 2,000 bows ago and lots of changes in how business is done in eastern Europe.

Now there is these fencing masks. I started to study the sword at the advanced age of 26 with a Ti Chi club. Then I found the SCA and armored combat. In those days there were no online armorers so I got a book out of the library and copied the pictures. Found myself with a suit that would be allowed on the list field. In fact others thought it was good enough they wanted something like it. So I became an armorer. It helped a lot that at that point I moved to Madison WI and fell under the instruction of Michael Luwinski. He peaked his armoring career as master armorer of the Williamburg colonial village in Virginia. He died in his 40's.

Michael was a fine artist in metal, but not much of a business man. So we formed a loose partnership and I learned a lot about armoring. Our simple 2 piece gorget design is still the basic pattern for the SCA. I developed the face mask or mempo for reproductions of Japanese armor suitable for full contact fighting. In between the Army Reserve and a career as a nurse I kept making and teaching armor. Had a bicycle accident at age 50, could not wear heavy armor for more than a year. I just had to fight ! So I picked up fencing. Or fencing picked me up. Have read and studied a lot these last 15 years.

So now at 65 and retired from the Army and the civilian hospital. I can concentrate on my craft of armoring.

Giles the Fencer